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Good morning ladies.

Ruth - I'd wish you luck but I bet you don't need it!

Heidi - I hope you continue the great time at the reunion.

Cottage - Isn't it nice to appreciate rain once in a while

I got very little sleep last night. My poor teen has poison ivy all over. ALL over, if you catch my meaning. He is so uncomfortable. He got up at 3:30am to take more benedryl and get into an oatmeal bath. I worried about him falling asleep in there. I guess I will call the pediatrician's office to see what we can put, if anything, on certain... ahem... delicate body parts. And to see if they can give him some steroids or cortisone shot or something. Last time he had poison ivy we had to use a prescription medication to find him any relieve and clear things up. He seems to really react to the stuff.

So I my not get to try out my new bike seat today if I am home waiting for a call back from a nurse. We'll see.

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