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Originally Posted by cpfrala View Post
On day 26 of IP Alternative program, Ive lost approx 10 lbs, it was a great kick start for weight loss. I really learned that I was eating way to many carbs and not nearly enough protein. I plan to give it a try on my own, with following the plan but supplementing whole foods for the protein pac portion of it with approx equal amounts of protein, fat , and carbs. Any ideas out there?
I'm not sure equal amounts of protein, fat and carbs are what I'd be looking for. What about magnesium and potassium and, most important, the 8 essential amino acids?

Lord knows I'm as subversive as anyone, maybe more so because I actively work at it. But something I learned early on is that you simply cannot succeed at breaking the rules unless you understand them. That way you can use the reasoning behind the rule to your own benefit.

Ok, so maybe most of the time what I was really after was to make the rules better. But I don't know how to make the IP rules let alone make them better. All I really know is that I'm losing weight, gaining lean body mass, appreciably reducing body fat, and haven't had a cluster headache since I started the program.

I followed the advice of a Kaiser nutritionist for almost 2 years, gained weight, and became progressively weaker and foggier. All that is reversing. Maybe these results are age-specific, but I'd hate to see you silently starving yourself even if you're getting enough basic nutrients. Scares the **** out of me.

Isn't subversive a great word? Of all the words Shakespeare invented, I think it's my favorite.
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