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Hi Beck folks, coaches, buddies,

Yesterday I stayed in my calorie range...I am always grateful for that. I didn’t stay with my exact plan. I had that stomach cramp thing again in the afternoon, (for an hour or so) I think it's related to me eating too much fiber so soon after my colonoscopy. I will watch it carefully. Therefore, I changed what I ate after that to something a little more bland. I probably should check it out with my doctor - but, just can’t ‘deal’ with one more thing. I’ll think about it.

Gosh, it's been hot here! Wow - am so grateful to have air conditioning and a ceiling fan. How did our parents, grandparents and I manage without it years ago.

I've been pretty careful with my food of late - but, I haven't been getting in my stretches or strengthening exercises. Today I WILL do this for sure!!!

plan/log/measure/count calories - yes, but changed plan
fork down between bites - some of the time
eat seated only, no seconds, - most of the time
leave a bite - all of the time
TASTE the food/ slow mindful eating - some of the time
feel fullness - no
lots of water - yes
exercise/spontaneous ex. - no
remind myself that eating everything I'd like to isn't an emergency yes
remind myself that food/eating doesn't cure stress or physical pain -yes
Arc/rc - yes
Beck book - no
Worked in my journal - yes

Houston - so glad the scale ‘smiled’ at you after your vacation.

2newme2 - sounds like you are right on target. Carry on!

gardener joy - yum - roasted veggies and pasta are so good. Too bad no cookout, but - a wonderful substitute. Congrats on your honorable mention.
Thanks for the good advice on my stomach pain and cramps, etc. I will watch it carefully. I am thinking that it may have to do with me going right back into my regular routine of fiber, iron, full amounts - maybe too much too soon.etc.

Maryblu - Fun island sounds fun, indeed. I am glad you had help on the trip and managed to get exercise while preparing things, etc.

Overlord - sending resistance ‘vibes’ to you as you also quit smoking. Hold on CAN do it. Credit for making a plan!!!

Amberpr - so many great credits…well done. I do like stevia. I have never had it in pop, however. Sometimes other sweeteners give my a headache.

Seadwaters - I found myself being mindful of choices and options which is always good. - isn’t this what we are striving for!! Well done. Your new weights sound good. Two olives - think about it for a moment, forget it and carry on. Yes, I have been up in the night several times…I am thinking about all the things I am facing. I am a worrier - No one need worry in my presence, I’ll do it for them. LOL I am doing a little meditation to help.

Billbe - well done staying on plan, doing your basement work and getting to the gym. Good job using evening gardening as a decoy for late night eating. I’d like the ‘magic words’ for making extra veggies appear overnight in the garden!

Have a GREAT day everyone.

Move ticker, move!
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