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omgosh, i am SO excited for you!!!!!! i have YET to buy the new swimsuit, still waering the one that i bought on my honeymoon.

sad but funny story now. i was 4 months pregnant with my son on our honeymoon(my daughter was with a not so wonderful potential husband-so i left him for the hubster). i somehow FORGOT to bring my swimsuit on my honeymoon to south padre island(which is wonderful and i encourage you ALL to go there). well fatty McPregnanters had to go bathing suit shopping and i LITERALLY started crying in the surf shop we were at because i couldn't find any bikini to work right with me- mind you i've always worn a two piece-from the heaviest to the lightest, i always have refused to wear a one piece because i FOURTUNATELY did not inherit stretch marks from my lovely mother(love her for this)

the poor saleswoman just looked at me with pity the entire time i was squeezing my butt into MEDIUM bottoms-which are basically meduim juniors bottoms-because that's all they sell in two pieces

JEEZ-did i get a wake up call then that it was time for something different-and IP was completley IT!

just had to share the story, poor lady dealing with an overweight, pregnant mess

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