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Ncuneo, I think it is totally a result of our society's idea of being "on a diet." Now that you have lost the weight, people think you can go "off the diet" and eat whatever. It's a good thing you know they're wrong!

Also, there's some interesting information in the stickies on the maintainer's forum about how reduced obese people can have significantly slower metabolisms than their always-slim counterparts, and therefore must continue to eat less than an always-slim person of the same age, height, weight, etc just to maintain. I've read this elsewhere. I'm not sure whether the research has concluded if this is true for everyone, or only some people, and how it relates to how much one originally weighed, and for how long,how quickly the weight came off, etc.

So unfortunately, this whole situation may be aggravated by a maintainer always eating less and more healthily than an average person.
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