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I moved from Seattle to San Diego in maintenance. My San Diego coworkers never knew me fat. I'm sure to them, I am just a normal woman who eats what she wants and never worries about her weight (isn't that what we think about thin people? They are just lucky people?).

At my old job, all my coworkers were SO supportive, to the point of bringing me a carton of blueberries so I could have something to eat during a coworker birthday celebration. At this job, I get a lot of food pushed on me. In a recent maintainer's thread, I talked about a work birthday event where I left BEFORE the cake was cut and someone brought a piece of cake to me at my desk and tried to get me to take it. I was firm to the point of rudeness to get them to stop.

Food is sometimes more than food. It is love, cameraderie, it is saying "I like you, I'll eat your cooking" it is saying "hey, I like you, come hang out with us" it says "come celebrate with us." For those of us trying to remove the emotion/sentiment from food it can be a challenge to interact with "regular people" who use food to say things (generally nice things). We just don't want to speak that language any more.
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