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dh has "gotten" me the same present that I have told him I dont want every year for the last 5 years. When he cant think of a present he writes what he "intends to get me" in the birthday card. Fortunately he has never gotten his act together in time to actually go get it. Well he did get me a gift certificate once, so I was able to use it for something else.

Every year I say I dont want it, will never want it and wont use it. Every year he puts it in the card like it is a great brand new idea.

Many men take a long time to rewrite scripts in their head. His mental dialogue probably went along the lines of

"Oh crap, she is stressed. I dont like stressed, I need to fix this (cause I am the man and I need to fix problems) ok, wait , what was it that fixes stress. I cant think I cant think. Chinese! Yes I have a recollection of Chinese fixing stress. I know she doesnt eat chinese anymore but this is a freaking emergency! I dont know how to fix it in the NEW Robin, I only know how to fix it in the OLD robin. HELP!!! OH MY GOD I DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!!! Maybe the Chinese will still work, please God let the chinese still work. Or ice cream. Ice cream fixes everything doesnt it? I am a MAN I must FIX IT and I dont know what the new option is!!!!! "

Honey do you want Chinese?

For his sanity figure out what a reliable new option is and tell him now so that he has a fix.
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