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Oh no, no, no, he realizes there's been in a change in our home. There would be on way not to. He realizes there's been a change in our home AND a change in ME. He KNOWS this IS my lifestyle now. And trust me - he's lovin' it . But no, it can't possibly be *as* momentous for him as it's been for me. No one can understand the scope of what I've gone through, well accept for you guys here at 3FC. It really is something that unless you've experienced it firsthand, you can't really know what it's like.

The truth is, it was getting late and he was getting hungry and that's what we used to do on Sunday nights (very often other nights of the week as well), get a big old pile of Chinese food and chow down and have a big ice cream chaser. Now granted we haven't done that in YEARS, but I know he didn't want me to have to start cooking, so he wanted to go purchase something and we've never done *healthy* take out - I'm always doing the cooking.

So what did we wind up doing? I was going to ask him to go out and pick up sushi, which is what we did for the first time last Sunday night and I really enjoyed it, but I was really too stressed to enjoy eating anything, (who would have EVER thought that?), so I had a yogurt and went to bed. I told him to please go out and get something to eat and he did.

Jessica, my maintenance plan also allows me (or do I allow it?) to eat, ummm, junk - but I really don't choose to do it at times such as this one. It would not be enjoyable for me, it would not ease my stress, just add to it.
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