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Originally Posted by WSN View Post
I'm not sure its fair to say "several" contestants have admitted to the things you list. Unless you've seen different reports, I've only seen the one from Ryan Benson and Kai Hibbard.

I thought of this thread when I was browsing in our local library, and I found the book, Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life by Ali Vincent

I couldn't help but check the book out and see how her experience compared to (and whether it contradictored or supported) Kai's claims (which I've read the most from).

Even though this book is written from a very pro-Biggest loser stance (and as I understand it, Biggest loser production staff or lawyers reviewd and had some editing control of the manuscript), there was far more confirmation of Kai's claims than I expected. Keeping contestants from speaking to each other, the cameras everywhere but the bathrooms (and even then if more than one person was ever in a bathroom or spent too much time in the bathroom, the knocks on the door). Ali's experiences with the "confessionals," and her experiences in the gym. They confirm more than they refute what Kai has said.

One example that stands out (the only one I can refer to specifically without having to reread the whole book to find the examples):

Ali mentions that she received a positive reaction from he crew.

"Even the crew members started to believe I could do it.

For a brief second I thought this contadicted Kai's claim that the crew wouldn't speak to them, until I read the first words of the next sentence:

Usually they didn't speak to us...."

Even though Ali's experience was positive, I didn't find any description of events that were contradictions of anything Kai said. Rather it seemed more of a case of same situation, different perspective.

To a large degree, it seemed to me that Ali had a stronger, more dominant personality than Kai. She was willing to "do her own thing" rather than succumb to the pressure. She was able to choose not to take the pressures personally or submit to pressures she didn't agree with. She did things her way, and ignored rather than internalized the negative.

There often is no "objective truth" only perspective. It's a shame though that we can't get more perspectives.

I would like to hear more from former contestants about their experiences (positive and negative). I don't understand the desire to punish one for speaking out. Of course I also believe that "confidentiality agreements" should be ethically based "you can't tell secrets that you or competitors could profit from at our expense," rather than protection from misconduct "you can't make us look bad in any way, or tell anyone about the bad stuff we do."
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