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Originally Posted by Journeysend View Post
JORDANNA: The guest post you wrote was awesome!! And your pix are just wonderful....again you are such an inspiration!!!!!

Had WI this morning and only down 1.2 lbs, my coach suggested that I do boot camp...has anyone had success with boot camp shaking the body up and having bigger weight loses???
I am going to start walking 30 min. every day and look into starting Yoga.
Any suggestions would be welcome!!!
I am a big Boot Camp fan! I've only been on IP for 4 weeks so I can't tell you if the boot camp has made a difference, but I love the feeling after finishing a rigorous routine! enjoy it!

Original Quote:
AS for me: my brother was here for a day and he hadn't seen me in close to 18 months, I heard him over the phone telling his wife that I am half the size I used to be he is a know it all BUT after disussing the diet with him, he actually o.k ed it which was surprising to me. He ONLY had problems with our potassium/cal and cal/mag suppliments. He gave me pointers, he basically said the same thing as my doc re potassium pills, he said its not too much BUT and its a big BUT the potassium needs to be in slow release format, that this way it might too much pot released to my body quickly and could cause heart problems soon enough (what my doc had said too) so he basically told me about couple of options to try out. Also, he said the the calcium ones are not that good, he said I could get much better stuff over the counter and that it would be best if they had vit D included with the pill and its best to take calcium-citrate and not carbonate.

Can you tell me more about your brother's recommendations on the Calcium, Magnessium and Potassium supplements. I try to take them per instructions - Pot/Cal with breakfast, Cal/Mag with dinner and Cal/Mag for snack either before dinner or after dinner depending on my hunger, BUT sometimes i forget so I catch up at night before going to bed and take them all at once. I don't want to hurt my heart more than I already have by being overweight.

so some good vibes came my way last night on the plane flying home, the gent next to me offered me a drink. I politely declined and said I am on a weightloss program and cannot drink alcohol. He replied by saying I am a beautiful woman and he can't imagine me wanting to lose more weight. felt good!

hugs to all! dina

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