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Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
Hey everyone I got asked to do a guest post on someones blog and I included NEW PROGRESS PICS!!!

Check it out if ya want:

The Fat Kid's on a mission: Building Jordanna v2.0
Great job, Jordanna! Love the way you write.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I participated in a fundraiser called the Walk, Roll & Run for Roger's House, which is a wonderful children's respite and palliative care facility here in Ottawa. My goal was to raise $500; however, I beat it and collected $630!! My parents and five-year-old son walked with me and we had a great time. The sun was shining and I must admit that it felt good to get out there in a tank top and shorts (can't remember the last time I said that!!) and not feel horribly out of place or self-conscious next to the skinny folk. All the talk on this forum about running and/or walking has really got me thinking that I'd like to give it a try. I'm on holidays for the first two weeks of July, so I think I might start the routine then. I have so much more energy and desire to do things's amazing how much the extra weight weighs you down physically and emotionally!! Since I only weighed in last Wednesday, I'm probably not going to have that great a showing tonight (my regularly scheduled WI)...gonna have to be extra good this week!!!

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