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Hey Ladies.
I'm feeling really good today. I'm wearing a size 14 but I think it's on the bigger end of size 14 but I have them on!! They even feel and look good enough to wear out the house...and I will.

I've been eating on plan and running/walking on the treadmill. I ran a mile and then did a walk/run the second mile. I'm looking forward to seeing some really good results. My work schedule is grueling because I work two hours longer to have a day off. Then I come home to spend time with my family so I don't have as much time to get on and post but I take quick peeks at work.

Matilda - 230s!!! I'm so proud of you. You are doing great.
Brit - I saw your videos on youtube and LOVED it. I haven't seen them all but so far you are really being an inspriation!! I'm working on my hair...what products do you use on your own hair??
Beaka - I'm trying to get the thrill of running in my heart but it's not there. I do it because of the results, maybe one day!!
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