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Default Anyone up for another BodyBugg/GWF/Sensewear etc. challenge?

Hi everyone,

I was so inspired by your summer challenge (ended early June) and at the same time sooo sad that I had missed out. For once, rather than sit on my lovely behind and wait for someone else to start a challenge, I thought I'd start one myself - and of course anyone is more than welcome to join in (and please do! It will be very lonely, and not to mention boring without you!)

I've had my GWF for about 6 months but have never really pushed myself to use it properly. About 4 days ago I put my GWF on for the first time in literally months, and I am going well so far. Here's to challenging myself to finally get in shape and stay that way!

If anyone else is up for joining the challenge, I thought we could basically follow the same plan that the previous challengers used i.e.

Rules of the challenge are:
(1) We will post our stats weekly on Wednesdays, starting June 23rd
(2) The challenge period ends October 20th - 17 weeks
(3) We will motivate each other
(4) We will have fun!

What do you think?

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