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Cally, hope you have fun with your friend tonight. I have absolutely no advice on the Indian food front, but hopefully they'll have something calorie-friendly on the menu. I'm sure you'll push past 155 soon, especially since you seem to know how to push yourself through a mini-plateau.

Claire, welcome! What grade do you teach? I'm a teacher too. Well, I'm technically a sub, but still. Hope that 154 sticks around for you!

Jelbb, how'd the car situation turn out? That is a rough way to start your morning, but you're back in the 140's! 149 is great news! Try not to stress too much; things happen, it'll be over with soon. Also, I realized the Christmas song was Greensleeves which apparently can masquerade as a regular song. Still out of the millions of songs...

I've been having a pretty good day today, except that I'm getting an obnoxious little throat thing happening. To combat this I've been drinking lots of tea. While this may be completely futile, it tastes good. I also made a dr's apt to get a physical. I haven't been to the dr in more than 5 years (oops), so it's probably time.

Tomorrow, we're having a big family bbq that I am sort of dreading. It's for father's day, birthdays, a graduation and a going-away. There will be tons of food, the amount of which can only be rivaled by the amount of pressure to eat it. And my family looooves to comment on my weight/eating habits/body which I absolutely cannot stand, even if they think it's positive. They feel free to comment on various aspects of my body and one cousin has recently started calling me "skinny" which she somehow manages to make sound condescending. It's a special skill of hers. I think part of my hatred of these comments comes from years of being so self conscious and hoping that no one noticed by body at all. 90 pounds lighter and I have the same hang-ups. But I also kind of feel like it's not their place to be commenting. Anyway, that was a long ramble... I think I'm just trying to mentally prepare myself!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend!

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