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I'm glad to see how active this thread is!

cally, welcome! It's difficult to keep going, but you're so close! You'll get there. Glad you joined us!

sotypical, that cash should be a good motivator! It would motivate me because, well, I have none . Keep staying on track and you're right-your scale will go down soon. Love the attitude!

Jelbb, sounds like you're doing the right things, the scale should start moving in the right direction soon. I've heard from a lot of people that soreness does cause water retention. I don't really know if that's true or not, but it sounds good to me . The scale can be stressful, hopefully you can focus on all the hard work you're doing and know it will pay off... eventually. Easier said than done, right?

Kirjava, that trip sounds AMAZING!! I've never been to Europe (well actually I have seen way too much of the inside of the Amsterdam airport) and hiking Mt. Vesuvius and the tower of Pisa sound like an experience of a lifetime! Honestly, who cares what your weight is at the end of all of that or if you over-indulge on the trip- experiencing those things is way more important! Have you traveled a lot before?

Aaaaaan, no joke, the ice cream man is literally driving down my street right now. And I'm pretty sure he's playing a Christmas song. Anyway, I've been having a great day today. The scale was actually down after yesterday's chocolate fiasco (I did nothing but drink water after I got home from work yesterday, I felt so gross) and got in a great workout and a run and a walk with the dog today. Although, she was feebly hunting rabbits, so the pace was painfully slow. I guess she doesn't so much hunt them as just smell where they were... she's lazy like that. I'm going to go eat some grilled Mahi Mahi for dinner and pretend I'm in Hawaii where it's sunny...

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