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I agree, you aren't lazy! Walking the dog for 20 minutes a day may be all your capable of doing. For now.

I'm here to tell you as the weight comes off you will be able to do more. I am finding out that when you weigh less exercise isn't all that miserable. Weighing less makes it easier to exercise, makes you less klutzy, and doesn't hurt nearly as much as when you're heavier. Then, exercise becomes more of a positive experience. You will feel the benefits afte exercising in time: Less pain, more flexibility, more stamina.

I lost my first 40 punds on diet alone. I did try to make an effort to move more on a daily basis. For me, because I was very out of shape and dealing with an arthritic knee, THAT was my exercise. I parked further away from the store, I took the stairs instead of the elevator, I stopped asking my family to take things upstairs for me--even when it meant multiple trips because I wasn't capable of carrying it in one load. After 40 #'s I started a water aerobics class and I just recently added to that swim lessons so now I can swim laps on the off days.

Trust me, in time you will accomplish more. Just keep doing what you can do. Add to it as you can. The most important thing is to not give up. You can do this!

May I ask how long it's taken you to lose 13 #'s? Can you tell us how many calories you are eating each day? Given enough details you might hear some good advice or you might just hear you're right on track.
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