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Good morning to you all! It is already 75 degrees here this morning so I imagine it will be another hot day down south. We keep watching what this oil spill is going to do as we are planning on going to Panana City Beach in October. We may not change our minds since everything we want to do is not ocean related, but it would be sad to see that beautiful beach all gunked up. Hopefully they can start the cleanup soon and get things going before they get any worse.

Jean: I believe they remodeled all the Walmart stores, putting in wider aisles and shorter shelving. Ours is a lot better now and cleaner too I must say, but service is still in the toilet because the staff really could care less whether or not you go somewhere else. The truth is these crappy stores will stay in business because they are very price competitive and people ignore the behavior. We aren't going over there until Friday when we have more time, so we shall see what happens. Jack says the guy I talked to said he was the toy department manager. I don't remember that, but Jack says the lady I asked first thinking she worked in toys said she would call the manager.

Maggie: Thanks for the rub and spice link. I put it in with my other weight stuff. Boy, what a great list. I am always looking for some mixes to use and they have just about everything it looks like. Doesn't it dry out Ragg Mopp's skin to be bathed that often? I know it sure does Fortune. He has problems with allergies somewhat so that causes its own situation. I have an oatmeal and honey doggy shampoo I use in the times I bath him here at home, but I am not sure it makes all that much difference.

Susan: I was down 1 lb this morning and expected it because I have quit a bit of water retention right now. I know I am going in the right direction so that is all that matters and the scale part of it will catch up sooner or later. I am just miserable with this other stuff. It has been a whole week now and doesn't seem to be going away. Ahh well, just have to hang in there until I can get to the doctor. I called this morning and they actually had an open appt for June 22 so I snapped it up. I go to my regular dr on the 24th so that will be doctor week. I was surprised they actually has a slot to put me in since they stay so booked with her. Must have been a cancellation.

I am going to go upstairs and finish what I didn't get done yesterday then continue working on my doctor's sock. Oh, here is the first sock of Thomas's. Like I said the color is called "ecology" so I hope Thomas likes the colorway of the sock. It is kind of unusual with all the greens and such. I think it looks like a great color for a boys sock.

Guess I better get out of here, get some breakfast and get my work done. No rest for the weary. Luckily, I got a good night's rest so I feel raring to go. Faye
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