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Thanks for the advice, Nelie. It's probably a good idea. I was also given the same 50,000 a week prescription, 12 weeks worth, and told to do a 1,000 a day over the counter dose after that. Others I have talked to who were as low as I am, say it took them a couple of weeks to start feeling better and a couple of months to reach normal levels. I think I will do as Nelie suggests and lay off the cereal in favor of the supplements. Being diabetic, I have to be really careful with carbs.

No, 2 be me, I wasn't advised to take calcium as well. I'll mention it to my doctor, and/or start taking it on my own. My daughter said the same thing, says that since Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium, with levels that low I'm probably low on calcium too.

I'll try to find the information myself as well, but can anyone tell me what foods *naturally* are rich in Vitamin D, without being fortified?
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