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I started buying from Lindora pretty early on in the diet. Their products start out at half the price of Ideal Protein, and they have 30% and 40% off sales all the time as well as sometimes free shipping on orders over $100. I count packets with 8 net carbs and under as non-restricted and anything over as restricted (no more than one restricted item per day). I checked ingredients before buying anything and never purchased any item containing aspartame because it gives me migraines.

Sometimes I used a protein shake made from NOW whey protein isolate, natural flavor, and mixed it with a little stevia and Walden Farms chocolate syrup. This was in place of an IP protein packet.

I made my own pancakes using the following recipe along with Walden Farms pancake syrup for under 5 net carbs for 4 medium pancakes. I used this in place of a protein packet. IP crepes are restricted, but these are not.

1/6 cup Maple Groves sugar-free pancake mix or Carbquik
1/6 cup NOW whey protein isolate, natural flavor
sprinkle of stevia or splenda to taste
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon olive oil or coconut oil or grapeseed oil
1 egg white, whipped with fork until frothy

Combine dry ingredients. Add vanilla, water, and oil and mix. Stir in egg white. Cook in preheated pan sprayed with PAM. If I use coconut oil, I melt it in the pan after spraying it with PAM. I use a 6-inch iron skillet. I don't have to spray the pan with PAM after the initial spray.

For alternative supplements, try Buy their fish oil 1000 mg, their no-iron multi-vites, and their liquid calcium and magnesium capsules. I can't find anything comparable to IP's potassium calcium pills, but you can buy them from OurHealthCoop as well.

I reached goal (49 pounds lost) after 19 weeks so I consider my alternative plan a success.

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