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Beating up that box of Twinkies is better than hitting yourself in the face. Or saying nasty things to yourself & accusing yourself of overdosing on Twinkies in the past.

What's done is done. Make peace with your past. Accept that we're living in a Twinkie-consuming world. Which we don't have to be part of, at least when it comes to eating those fake-cream-injected little yellowish logs of artificial preservative & enhanced flavor goodness. [An aside: Has anyone ever seen websites where people perform scientific experiments on Twinkies? Just to see how much abuse this artificial foodstuff can withstand? Do some Googling. They're hilarious.]

And move on. You've just reached another plane of enlightenment in your life, so to speak. It's like stopping being mad about being pushed to the pavement on the playground during your kindergarten class. It's part of your life history, but it's not where you are now or where you're going.

[Now is the part where I tell you to light an incense cone & chant something forgiving yourself & stare at a crystal revolving from a string. Heh heh. But I'm serious about forgiving yourself & moving on.]
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