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Default Working through angers and disgust

Often enough I feel very angry and disgusted either with myself or towards the foods that I just loved to get fat on.

Sometimes in the grocery store...when I pass the bakery where I used to get my fave comfort junk....I've caught myself giving it dirty looks and wanting to whoop the tar out of it. I am really upset with junk food and unhealthy stuff...and I mean really mad! Even more upset with myself because of my poor decisions & all of the excuses & coddling I did to myself because I felt I deserved it all because I was sick. Tons of people get ill and do not gain the absurd amount I did. I basically forgive myself I suppose, I'm human...I make mistakes & I'll make many more in my life....but trying to shake these feelings of disgust is really posing as a major challenge.

Is there anyone else out there that feels any sort of underlying resentments or angers (etc) in themselves or toward unhealthy food now that they're losing weight .....or am I some sort of Martian hanging out here in the wings???

My son says I should go and buy a box of Twinkies, take a bat and beat them to oblivion. Ha...what a funny guy!!!

(Wait. Ya think??? Would that help?? Has anyone done that???)

Before/After here:

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