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Originally Posted by sandybunnychibi View Post
i could understand giving up sugar, pop and so on. but fruit? its one of the healther snacks /meals i eat. i dont think ill need to give up fruit to lose weight. and since the loosing weight will be impossible if i dont like what im doing i doubt it would work to take away fruit. oh well
thank you though for the answer
Maybe you can lose weight on fruit. You might consider trying it, but I can tell you from my experience, fruit is a lot easier to overeat than most people think. Many times, I was able to maintain my weight (yes, nearly 400 lbs of it) on all fruit/non-starchy vegetable diets. I'd stall weight loss by eating too much fruit - because too much of a good thing is still too much.

In a lot of ways, Atkins and many other low and "good" carb diets, even South Beach - are like the elimination diets for allergies (only imagine the different carb-rich foods as being the allergens).

As in allergy elimination diets, for two weeks (usually) you eliminate every food that could be a problem, then you start adding each back one at a time until you find out which ones are problems for you, and where your personal "carb-threshold" lies (whether for weight loss or weight maintenance depending on your goals/stage of weight loss).

I've tried low-carb diets in the past - but only when I was "desperate" and I never tried them for very long, because I also thought they were "impossible" and unhealthy. As a result, I never gave them a fair shot.

I tried almost everything else, and failed on them all also (Since I've been dieting since age 5, and I'm 44 now - that's a lot of failing).

Finally (after two different doctor's recommendations) I gave low-carb a real shot, and have found it's the only plan that has ever controlled my hunger and allowed me to lose weight without feeling like a caged, starved animal. When I'm following low-carb strictly, I not only lose weight consistently, the crazy hunger and cravings are gone - entirely gone. It also controls many of my health issue symptoms, and I also credit it for putting my autoimmune disease in apparent remission (whenever I've tried to go back to sugar, I get a flare, that shows me that the sugar is really playing a role in the AI disease).

To be honest, even though I've proven to myself it's the only way I can lose weight, I still fight the idea of strictly following low-carb. I still think it's "unrealistic," but I also know that's not the truth, it's just a theory that I'm making reality, by refusing to see the possiblity of changing my habits for a lifetime.

Since nothing else has worked, I'm now faced with two options. Seeing low-carb as possible, and working at making it doable, or staying fat.

My suggestion to you, is to try whichever methods that you ARE willing to do, but if they don't work for you, you're left with the same choice. Give up on weight loss, or start trying things you haven't been willing to do (and maybe if they work, you can change your mind).
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