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I like ponies... and you?
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S/C/G: 220/ticker/140

Height: 5'9"


Screen Name: Serbrider

Age/Age Range: 17

Family Life: Single, student... daughter.

Occupation: I did work part-time as a Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Technician... now... just a student.

Hobbies and Interests: OH... too much. Ok... let me go through the list -
horseback riding
animals in general
my dog
graphic design
animal behavior
veterinary medicine
running (only recently)
rock climbing (OMG!!! I LOVE ROCK CLIMBING!!!!)
I'm willing to try everything... except team sports. I hate team sports. I like individual things.

Favorite Music: Everything except for jazz, classical, rap, polka, and japanese/chinese/asian music.

Favorite Color(s): heather gray and black

Favorite Exercise/Workouts: horseback riding and running/hiking/walking

What are your fitness/health goals? I want to get down to 140 lbs. Which is a 75 lb loss. I want to be able to fit into a size six.

What was the "trigger" or incident that made you decide it was time to lose weight and become more fit? Well... I've been on diet after diet on and off every since I was 11. I've always been a bit "bigger". I guess the final trigger for me was looking at some photos and videos of myself recently... and then realizing... if I want this... I have to do it. Not put it off... not make excuses... just DO it. And this summer will be HARD (I'm traveling the ENTIRE time, and will be with family that eats a TON)... but I can do it.

What do you struggle with the most on this journey to health? eating too little. Not liking the food I eat. I dunno... I'm weird. I don't enjoy food. I eat because it's a habit. I guess breaking that habit is a part of my struggle. But I honestly don't enjoy eating food. Now... corn... I'm obsessed with corn.

What are three things in the area of diet/exercise you need to improve? Procrastinating (to stop it... not improve it... ). Pushing myself. Eating more foods... but healthy foods... not "bad" foods.

(Evil motivation ) Who do you want to look better than? : my friends... and older brother's girlfriend.

What can you not wait to wear when you are at goal weight or size? one of those 50's type dress (and dresses in general)... skinny jeans, skirts, shorts, tank tops, and those CUTE bras... like... the ones with polka dots and stripes and stuff... not the white and black ones... occasionally with a bit of lace on them. Though... I doubt I'll lose enough in my girls to allow that to happen. Sad...
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