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OH MY GOSH! I hope to someday have my belly apron full of flat deflated, hanging loosely and well behaved against my taut tummy but hope it never pokes it's homely head out of my too big swimsuit! My family has a saying...."We aren't laughing AT you...we're laughing NEAR you!" ( I think it comes from Sponge Bob) To us it means, we are right there with you but find it morbidly funny. I had to laugh at the image of this and can image it happening to me. Like when my pants almost fell off at work in front of a lobby full of people. Sick and wrong but f***ing funny at the same time.

Only fat or formerly fat friends can appreciate this particular brand of horror!! You poor girl.

Thank you for the reminder to check ourselves out in the privacy of our homes in clothes we aren't totally 100% sure about. For the last 20 years I've worn control top super duper extra strength girdle undies under my suit to encourage my fat belly to behave. I think I might stick with that plan if my belly apron begins to head south once deflated. I could just roll it up nice and tidy and tuck it into the girdle.

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