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This was my biggest problem when it came to excercise. Bigger than just not wanting to get off my butt and get in gear.

When I was younger, in an effort to help me lose weight, my mother used to force me to run on the treadmill every morning before school. While now I realize that she was trying to help, I also realize that for me, excercising became the same thing as emotional eating for other people. Being at home and excercising with family around was an emotional trigger.

I would excercise in secret and I didn't want anyone seeing me do it. I was really self conscious and I actually still have a hard time with doing it when people are home or when I'm at "the house".

The way I turned it around was by getting out of the house. I go to a gym to work out and while I was initially terrified, once I got there I realized that everyone was there to do their own thing. Most of the people hardly pay attention to anyone but their workout buddy or what they're focused on. While I may occasionally get a glance, it is always a good one. ;]

I also go running occasionally around the neighborhood, and that REALLY helped me stop being so self conscious at the gym.

So, try finding your trigger for embarassment. See what it is (like mine was at home in front of family) and try and break out of that (I go to the gym or away from the house).

You CAN do this. It will be hard at first and you may have to talk yourself through it or tell yourself to grit your teeth and bear it. Once you do it, it starts to get easier. Try using logic with yourself. If no one's home, who is there to be embarassed from? If it's yourself, pep yourself up. Give yourself encouragement.

Trying to figure out why is the first step!

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