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Ladies I am feeling better and better each day. It feels so good to be back in the swing of things. I have WI tonight (yup still weight watching after 2 years) and I so confident it will be good. PINK Ladies Running meets for the first time this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!
S/N: I read something in someone’s post about people expecting us to be self motivated and doing it on our own. A woman in WW’s said that same thing last week. It was funny because I was talking with her before the meeting and she was explaining how she was 3X WW dropout and how she gained it all back in a couple months each time. I told her that for me I need to be here to weigh at least 1-2 a month to stay on track and keep going. Her exact words were “Yeah I think I need the meeting. If I had kept coming I wouldn’t have gained all this weight back”. SO naturally when she made her statement about being self-motivated I kindly reminded her of her statement prior and how simply being in this meeting was getting support. I mean yeah youhave to want to do it for your self but no one does along, whether it is cyber space, a friend, a spouse or simply co-workers telling you great you look and to keep up the good work!!!!!

Matilda – First off Heeeeey Lady!!!I want to say WTG for not giving up and staying active. A major part of us continuing to lose is to stay in the game in way or another, pushing the roughest times and feelings until someday, one day it clicks like BOOM POW! “Now I just have to eat right”. You get major kudos for doing just that!!!!! And I agree that we need to post more…I am guilty of not posting when I know I should. I will work on that even if is just a “Hey ladies”. You asked what we use for motivation…Well for me when I get into a rut I re-evaluate my reason for losing the weight and living healthy in the first place. Then I may pull out some old pics of me that I don’t care for. Another thing I do is think back to when I couldn’t 10 miles or more, or when I couldn’t run TWO. I feel so good about what I have accomplished that I want to do more and I am so far away negative at that point I am all pumped again. Maybe you need to break yours goals down into 5 lbs increments and use little rewards to help you stay motivated. We all feel how you feel sometime….just force yourself out of your comfort zone.

Brit _ You look amazing young lady. It is so exciting and almost unreal once you get that close to your WL goals. I am so happy for you. I remember when I first noticed my collar bones….I almost passed out!!! LMBO

Mytime – Congratulations on your 8 month mark of transitioning. The journey is definitely a fun time. When do you plan on doing the BC. Are you waiting on a time or a length?

JiggleFREE – You look Fan-tabulous!!!! Your name is so fitting right now!!! I was so excited to see your new avi. I thought to myself “she got in her JEANS” before I ever read your post. Man when you get to your Family Reunion they are gonna be complimenting your for days. Everyone is gonna want to know what you did and how long it took. Be prepared because you are going to have some followers soon. How is your running coming??

Starsparkle – Welcome. This is group is truly awesome!!

Grneyed – You know the drill. Do something, anything. One thing at a time. Start just by walking each day and then work on other things like food or whatever. I am glad to see you maintained during your hiatus…that is ALWAYS a plus!!! We are so glad to have back.

– My love, well you know how I feel about you….ANIMAL THUGGN!!!! I am sooo proud of you. The running club was an awesome idea, because its like you know someone is expecting you to show up. Not to mention it really does help to have people that are interested in what you are doing. Just like being here. You are so close. We are going to want pictures soon miss thang!

Perdue – Sounds like you already know what you have to do…..JUST DO IT. (in my Nike commercial voice) lol. We are always here to listen and offer support and motivation. Its great that you are working out so much!!! Keep that up

Caliyah – Welcome Back! Dam Skippy we are worth it. If we don’t invest in ourselves…no one else will. We have to put ourselves first and then others take notice and follow suit. The money is well spent if you are taking the classes and bettering yourself or more healthy, happy life.

Thanks for allowing to write a novel….ladies….I love ya’ll
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