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Just to let you know, depending on where I am in my "cycle", whether or not I've eaten something with significat sodium, whether or not I've poo'd that day... I can be up as much as 8 lbs, out of the blue even if I am 100% on plan.

If you are on plan and your weight has gone up, it's not likely true true "weight" gain as in fat but fluid, waste, undigested food...what have you. There are people who can gain mass fat out of the blue that have a true metabolic disorder but for the majority of us, it is simple science. You eat right, exercise, take care of yourself the overall trend of the scale will be a downward motion. There will be daily ups and downs but will lose weight.

As far as the boyfriend stuff...I'm 42 and have had my share of heartache, been married twice and have had a variety of relationships of the dating kind over the years, and I have learned only 1 thing in 30 years of other person is going to be able to fill that void in your major pronouncement or demonstration is going to fix you. You have to love yourself enough to believe that you are wonderful just as you as are and worthy of being treated decently. Boundaries are good things.

Hang in there sweetie!!

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