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In reading the OP, I'm not sure if the problem you're having is because your friends are actually pushing you away (not inviting you places, not calling, etc.), or because they're not acknowledging your progress. If it's obvious that you aren't in plus sizes anymore, why would they invite you along for clothes shopping? But just because they don't, does it automatically mean that they're ignoring you?

Perhaps there's something else you can do with them: even if you can't go clothes-shopping any more, there may be other things you love to do together that you can invite her to do, to help her know that you're not "moving beyond her" (if that is her problem). Go out to coffee at a bookstore. Go antiquing or to a local music festival. Whatever you like to share together that doesn't have to do with clothing or food.

Maybe she just needs some encouragement that you're still YOU, even though your body and attitude have changed.
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