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I would think of it from their POV. You have every right to continue on your path, it's your life! And, well done for losing such a vast amount of weight! However, in their eyes this probably makes them feel bad about themselves since I gather they are overweight? Your weight loss probably makes them feel guilty that they haven't been able to do the same. Would you feel a little uncomfortable shopping for plus-size clothes in the company of a much smaller friend? I know I would.

Also, the fact that you have lost weight has undoubtably given you bags more confidence and changed how you feel about yourself (correct me if I'm wrong!) If all those friends are big this is probably quite uncomfortable because from what you have said, it seems to be that the weight was binding you together, like a comfort group where no-one feels different.

If these friends mean a lot to you, it might be worth sitting them down and perhaps just asking them if there is something, anything they would like to talk about and ask why you are no longer invited to things etc. They probably won't tell you the real reason but I suppose it would let them know that you care about the friendship.

Maybe it is just time to move on if they are unwilling to be happy for you and accept that you have changed for the better and if they want to do the same it is up to them and no one can tell them to change.

I apologise if I have got the situation wrong or have spoken out of turn

Hope this is some help anyway
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