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Originally Posted by WannabeIP View Post
I think it was Pookee who said she was on program, feeling yucky and breastfeeding, I was told no back in Nov for a few reasons your body needs about 300-500 calories to make milk so between that and only eating 900-or 1000 cals per day.. even with an extra packet your not getting enough food. Also, ketones will pass thru your milk which are not good for baby, that was why I waited till I was done, I think someone else suggested coming off program till you and your little one are ready to be done nursing I agree. I still lost on phase 4 it was way slower but I was eating healthier which was good for both my son and I, not sure if that helps you at all!!!
Hi there,
Yeah, that was me. My girl is 17 months old and is now only feeding 2 times a day and getting LOTS of solid food and liquids. The milk she gets from me is only really an act of comfort; she didn't get much milk before I started IP (only 3 or 4 feeds a day).
The reason I waited so long to start IP was because I had concerns about passing on the artificial sweetener through my breast milk, along with any toxins I am releasing into my system by losing fat.
About a month ago, I was feeling incredibly fat and hot in the spring weather and decided that I had to be selfish and get my body back. I thought about which was better: breastfeeding and feeling horrible about myself, or going on IP and getting my body back to myself.
I am in the process of weaning my girl, but will be sticking to the IP program as I need to do this for myself.
I do want to thank everyone for their concern and help with this... I wish my coach would have given me more information when I started so I could have weaned my girl before I started.

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