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Hey Matilda,
It's been a busy weekend. It's my daughter's birthday today and I've spent the weekend getting everything in order.

Sorry to hear about how your eating plan is going. It's great that you haven't given up. A lot of people will give up. Keep going and stock your house and car with things that will help you get to plan. It's also good that you are still working out. The eating will catch up with the working out.

I have to decide how to get my workouts together for the summer. I will be going to work at 8 instead of 9 getting off at 5:15 with a day off. With a thirty minute lunch. I'm sure I can work something out. I don't want to give up the day off but I will have to see. If I can't get my workouts together I will give up the day off to keep my goal dates.
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