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Calgarygirlie= I did stop eating rhubarb because I was looking for any explanation for my stalled weight loss. Haven't had any in probably a month. Not surprised that it has more carbs... like most things, it's probably fine in moderation.
HockeyMom- They are 19 and almost 22.Both played hockey before they could really skate-- like 4 years old. But they weren't into a lot of other sports like your son is. Just tennis, soccer and golf. One loves to ski. We loved those travel hockey years though at the time they could be a little overwhelming. Made friends with a lot of great parents and would have parties when we travelled overnight together. I know exactly what you mean about not ALL the parents! lol-- I loved the Dad's who yelled at the refs at every game.
Sam0617--Both nutrition facts for the box vanilla drinks are in front of me.
They are identical with a couple of exceptions: Cholesterol is 0 with Lindora and 10mg with IP. Sodium is 230mg with Lindora and 240mg with IP. Potassium is 220mg with Lindora and 190mg with IP. Sugar is 1g with Lindora and 0 with IP. Lindora says total calories of 100 with 30 from fat.IP says 100 carlories with 35 from fat.There are some differences with the ingredients but not much. Both have sucralose and acesulfame-K as their last ingredients. Both have 15g protein and 3g carbs. Neither one have soy. First ingredients for both are filtered water, protein blend (milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate), sunflower oil.And neither one have aspertame. Hope that helps! (I love these drinks-- 3 x a day for me)

Sent by Sam0617 Thank you can I ask do you buy the premixed vanilla drink from Lindora and how many come in a pack? I took a look at their website and I also saw a choclate premixed drink but that comes in a can have you tried the chocolate. Is the vanilla the only one that comes in a box?

- I don't know if there is a chocolate in a box. I only buy the vanilla ones because I prefer them. Bought a chocolate IP the first week and didn't like it -- Have never tried it again. I did buy some of the Lindora chocolate in a can drinks just to try. I've only had one. I just prefer the vanilla. I buy them from the doctor I see for IP when I am there. I buy the Lindora to travel - to have as back up. Hope that helps. (I also bought the bars and other stuff from Lindora but am saving it all until I have lost all the weight or for serious food craving emergencies!!I bought the cake too -- even sent one to Jordanna to have at her son's first birthday party.)
Jordanna-- I am halfway too!! Go US!!!
I can't wait to try the rhubarb, oatmeal, strawberry syrup recipe. But I want to be in the 170s when I do it. Big challenge this week. Friday night Mexican house party. Margaritas, Mexican homemade food, mariachi band...oh no...............
Thank you and how many drinks come in a pack of the vanilla?
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