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Doctors are human and make plenty of mistakes. The same goes for mothers.

Don't trust your doctor to invest the effort into keeping on top of the breaking research into topics that affect your health or understand the best approach for each individual case. Don't trust your mother to have the breadth of experience to make sane judgments about approaches that would work for you.

When you speak with your mother, try to find an approach that defuses the topic. Refusal to discuss the topic might work for some but often a less confrontational approach works better. You might tell her that you are researching and/or working the issue then change the subject. Just as in dieting, use whatever approach works for you in dealing with your mother.

I do suggest that you do your own research -- enough to feel well-informed and confident that you approve of your doctor's approach. You don't want to live with the consequence of your doctor's mistakes.
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