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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
Thanks! I appreciate the resource, I would have never thought to do that search. I do see that the first link is an old 2009. The second link is late 2009 and a red list... hmm... that is strange. I wonder if they ever got that cleared up. If not, they could be spot checked whenever customs wants to do it. At least, that was my old import/export experience. I am not having any issues or similar feedback but, I would say listen to what your coach is telling you since it is effecting her business.

Yes. IP actually sells a medical grade collagen supplement. Not sure how effective it is. When you read on it, there seem to be mixed reports of the level of effectiveness. AND, it really does depend on the quality of the supplement.

I will have to remember that tip for later, much later, when I finally get to have a few bars

Welcome! It is nice to have you around the board! This is a great way to take off the weight! For vegetarian ideas, check out the alternative thread for IP too! There are at least 2 vegetarians (Birman and Ogdog) doing this plan. Are you allowing yourself eggs, fish, chicken or are you a strict vegetarian or vegan? It will effect how you do this. I know you can use the soy products as a vegetarian. I think the black soy beans are the lowest carb/ highest protein combo.

Nice to see you popping by! How was mother's day weekend for you?

I always doctor the WF (walden farm) foods. I use them as a base and add extra oil, seasonings, mustard, stevia or splenda or flavored sugar free (splenda) syrup (like torani, da vinci, or artisan). My favorite WF dressing is italian. I just add olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, a little extra salt, pepper, and maybe (if I am at home) some extra italian seasoning. I say if I am home because I buy the packets to go and at a restaurant get them to bring me lemon wedges and olive oil. I doctor it up right there!

I make lots of homemade dressings. It will last for about 4 days or so. I use about 1/3 cup olive oil, 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar, and whatever seasonings I am in the mood for. Play around to find your combination. I have made lemon tarragon, lemon oregano, lemon mustard oregano, cumin vinegarette, french herb vinegarette, italian, dill, southwest vinegarette ( used sugar free fajita seasoning by mccormick spices) and lots of things that I have forgotten.

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about the trip.

Nice to have you back! YOU CAN DO IT!

I think, based on what is posting, you are missing the closing command for the link. Whenever you have code you have opening and closing commands, like how we use parenthesis or quotation marks in English. your line of code opens the commands but forgets to close them. In the line below I bolded the command words url and img. you are just missing the closing commnds [/img] and [/url] to close your command.

copy and paste /.png [/img] [/url] at the end of your line of code above and then add it into your signature. It should work!

You have : [url=] [img]

I think it should read :
[url=]* [img][/img] *[/url]

WITHOUT all the bold type and the red asterisk.

OK... Looking at how that reads I think something is wrong. Are you trying to count pounds lost... if so.. I think based on your sidebar info... you should use this. I shows a start weight of 230 a current weight of 209 and a goal weight of 165... Is that what you were aiming for or did you want to track pounds lost????

copy either of the codes below at the end of the line, after the .png, you will need to copy/paste [/img] and /url (remove the and between them and place the square brackets around the /url like you see around the /img) then copy and paste all of that into your signature (sorry this is a little confusing! it is hard to describe and write code without the software trying to create the image.)

To get a ticker showing start, current, and goal weight:

[url=] [img]

If you want to show an accumlated amount of weight lost:

Wow, thanks Carla. I soooo appreciate all you effort. I will try to be tech savvy and get this to work. I am soooo not good at this. You will see a ticker sooner or later. LOL!! Your great thanks.

smile for every 5lbs lost
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