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Good Morning

I've been having computer/operator issues this AM. It took almost an hour to get all my signals straight to be able to log on. I really need to start planning ahead for a new one. I make the last payment on the snow tires in June-maybe then!

The operator is a bit disorganized...I didn't get all unpacked last night and we booked out of here really fast last week.

Fortunately, the one thing in my life that continues to stay very organized is SBD and exercise. I had an OP meal in the freezer for last night, I've had breakfast and my bike is sitting ready pointed towards the pool. Wish I could get my household running that smoothly.

Today is plant tomatoes day. The weather looks perfect! Then maybe I can get to reorganizing the house.

Linda, I'm always glad to hear of clothes success! Congrats! I hope your garden IS ok.

Lisa, Thanks for checking in!

Cyndi, glad to hear that healthy food and birding are scheduled in. Have fun!

Twynn, thanks for posting the soup recipe again. I'm sending it to my keeper file. It always sounds so good. Trail running sounds fun, but like my bike I would only go where I knew I could get back.

Ruth, we always have to have supervised eating...Bing is our little culprit. Glad you got to sleep in! I'm hoping you've sen your last frost!

Karen, are you in the city or countryside? I know things are out of whack with your shoulder, but are there any events you could check out that would help with the boredom factor? I'm loading up my 3 weeks with Kirk being gone to keep me occupied and out of the snack bin.

Ok, the computer has cooperated! Hope it sends alright.

Have a great OP day everyone!
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