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Originally Posted by kellyrook View Post
so still wondering if butter is a no no bc of the fat, or if the milk solids or something would throw you out of ketosis? Anyone have any ideas? Somehow the idea of crab and olive oil just doesn't do it for me. BUT if butter is going to mess with any weight loss I guess I will stick a birthday candle in a bar and call it good!
Here's what I know. Butter will not throw you out of ketosis. On ANY OTHER KETOGENIC diet, Butter is allowed (exception I know of is the induction period for South Beach diet). Butter is a fat with some very negligible carbs.

To my understanding, It is not permitted on this plan because adding a fat will cause your body to access that available fat before it taps into your stored body fat.

SO, will you go out of ketosis NO. Will you lose a little slower, very possibly.

However, if you are eating bars, you are eating restricted foods. If you are eating restricted foods the carb count is higher. The bars all have real sugars in them from brown rice syrup or agave. That said, you will slow yourself down more from the bar than from the butter.

ALSO, Ideally, you don't want to combine a high fat like butter with alot of carbs. It creates a situation where your body is more inclined to store fat. I don't know a lot about this yet, still trying to understand it, but, it seems to be one of those things you learn more about at the end of the program.

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