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Originally Posted by BlueMermaid View Post
Check your blood pressure. Mine has been running 98/63 and I have been head rushing and dizzy. I have started measuring my salt because I don't think I was eating enough of it. Especially if you are working out very hard and sweating, you need to eat more salt.
This was an issue for me 2-3 weeks in... I monitored my blood pressure and it was quite low, so I adjusted my medication. Also increased water and sea salt intake. IP suggests salt in a glass of water to counter dizziness... it should work in about 15 minutes. Be careful of dehydration... remember that if you have coffee, you need to offset each cup with an extra glass of water (which I didn't realize when I first started the diet.)

Also read that the 3 week mark was definitely a period of adjustment for your body... that it was just figuring out that tapping into your stored fat was going to be a long term endeavor and not just keeping you going until the next mammoth hunt...

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