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Originally Posted by clbrochu View Post
I am having a frustrating day!! Not sure quite what was going on today but I have had cravings allllll day! I lost total control tonight and ate a bag of micro popcorn, talk about carb overload. OMG!! I am so mad at myself that was just not worth it at all. Not sure what I am missing but This is the first time that I have had such intense cravings and I have been scrounging for food. Im going to try to start over fresh tommorow and just get back on track!! Has anyone else gone thru this??? I feel severe guilt. Im dreading standing on the scale at my saturday WI! Uggghhh!!
I was there 2 saturday's ago when i had a chicken salad sandwitch followed by feta cheese and followed by a cookie. Guilt was so bad that I pretty much didn't sleep all night and I think I might have been in tears; just felt like a total looser and how horrible to actually sabotage myself. Almost went there this past friday but ended up throwing everything out. Right now I am thinking about the cherry garcia icecream in the freezer and oh the dibs too.

and its not starting over, remember you have already gotten rid of most of the stuff from before...your body just needs to get rid of this. workout tomorrow and you'll be in ketosis in a day or 2.

Its o.k, tomorrow is another day...don't beat yourself up BUT stop it now!! I mean it in a nice way...just stop OR you are going to make me walk in the kitchen too . I am going to have a tinny bottle of pellegrino and call it a night.

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