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I tried those protein drinks from Costo, and it wasn't half bad. Def easier and cheaper to get a case of those when I need it!

Anybody else tired of people asking what diet you're doing (I promise I'm not bringing it up), you tell them what it's all about, then you get all these comments. The best one is "You don't want to get too skinny". Yeah, that's something that keeps me up at night..that and winning the lottery!

Hi Brocola, Actually, the Costcos I shop at have several different ready to drink "protein drinks" so I don't know which one you tried. Some have as much as 28 carbs so I really had to study the labels before buying the PREMIER NUTRITION brand. They came in a case of 24 and are DISTRIBUTED by Premier Nutrition out of Carlsbad, CA but now I'm wondering who packages them and where. An 11 oz "shake" has 160 calories,30 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs of which 3 are dietary fiber and 1 is sugar. Unlike IP / Matol shakes, these are like the EAS AdvantEdge ready to drink product b/c they have added vitamins, minerals, etc. These by Premier Nutrition are quite tasty---better than the EAS AdvantEdge so I sure hope I'm really getting what they list on the label!!!

Just tell folks you've cut back on your carbs and you're trying to get some healthier protein into your diet. The shakes help with that and are convenient. They don't have to know the name of any protocol, etc. The "you don't want to get too skinny" comments are so ridiculous, aren't they?
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