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Cheeky definitely stick with it and do the besst you can right now, I'm a huge believer in this lifestyle for not only physical health but mental!

Bibbob- You did great! Have you been eating like this a while or just dabbling? You'll definitely notice a visible difference IMO without the scale, this lifestyle has helped me burn so much fat,especcially from my belly. Its great!
I saw on Marks site an avocado pudding recipe and gave it whirl, actually good! 1 avocado,1/4c coconut milk(or almond),.5 tsp vanilla,1 tsp fresh lemon juice and a smidge of your choice of sweetener(I used stevia) - Blend it all up with a mixer /food processor and enjoy!

Colleen: tick checks...aren't they a joy! Geocaching sounds fun, definitely primal, its like you were on the hunt!LOL!

Susan- Haagan-Daaz experiment didn't go so well? I am going on a few vacations this summer and have been talking with my hubby about whether I'll treat myself to any old treats(funnel cake on the boardwalk kind of stuff) but I'm not sure its even worth it...I can't help but think I'll end up paying for it and be so miserable afterwards that there is no point in even eating it. I don't feel deprived one bit eating the way I have been, so I think, why mess up a good thing!
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