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Hello everyone!!!

Beverlyjoy- thanks for the reminder that it is not the time line, it is the living healthy with food. My frustratingly slow weight loss was bugging me today. Good for you for devoting 90 minutes to work on Beck stuff. I really need to do that too. I need to put some time into rereading the books and doing some quiet thinking.

Shepherdess-good for you for trying to distract yourself from pre- dinner nibbling. Hope the branding went well for you. Seems like a huge job. I am amazed you have been able to continue to think about your eating and continue to exercise and post here.

gardenerjoy-interested to see your new food plan if you want to share it. I also have tiny pink one pound dumbbells. I started doing my weight workouts with these. Thought it was best as I have had tendinitis in both arms before and have very sore shoulders a lot of the time. I am now using the purple 3 pounders and one day plan to be up to the blue 5 pounders. Glad you were able to get back to your strength training. Yay for 7 pounds gone in April!

MerinoGirl-I weigh every day and the scale fluctuates all over the place. I can be up 3 pounds or down 3 pounds for nothing. It could be fluctuation or it could be the scale is wonky. I am only concerning myself with the trend.

BillBlueEyes-big credit for the use of resistance muscle. And especially for eating the insides and not the crust.

seadwaters-waving hello! Yay for resisting cake when you were out for coffee. And for making a list and sticking with it.

onebyone-like the sound of moving forward.

Lexxiss-boo for snowstorms at the end of April. Yay for eating well when you had company.

maryblu-we are getting cooler weather and like you, it is the earliest we have ever had leaves out on the trees. It finally rained here also so am much less worried about fires. Glad you are feeling that you are back on track.

wndranne-congratulations of doing outstandingly well on food on your week travelling. Really hard to do. Good for you.

For me, glad it is a brand new month. Overall last month I gained 3 pounds (or stayed the same, depending if it is scale fluctuation). Kind of a downer. I know why-- it is because I ate on plan only about half the days. On the other days, I was not being careful. I have not been binging so that is good. Mostly I am eating very healthy. Exercise is very regular. So all in all, I am going to tell myself it is all OK. I am learning things. I have not quit. I post here pretty faithfully. I continue to weigh myself daily. I continue to read the cards pretty much daily. I mostly try to use my Beck skills.

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating on plan
resisting food at many points during the day
reading advantage and response cards
checking in with my coaches

Take care

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