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Originally Posted by FlourishGirl View Post
Just a thought for you deinekatze:

You are 5"9' tall and I know from prior threads that you work out. I'm betting that your muscle mass is probably a little higher than most and you probably carry less body fat. Perhaps your losses are a little slower because this diet burns body fat and you are not starting out with as much?

I'm certainly not an expert, but I know my body tends to be "heavy" from muscle even when I am at a lower weight. I am 5"8' and I appear very thin even at 160 (which for some at the same height is very heavy).

I appreciate your posts and just wanted to let you know that you are looking great, and losses - even slower ones, are losses that should be celebrated...from one impatient girl to another.
Thank you ;-)

Well I would be happy with 160 lbs right now LOL

A lot of it is fat though... mine was a hormonal thing that did it. I could care less about the scale really, but I need to fit into my clothes hahaha... size 10 is not where I was...

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