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Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
OMG, I think it was destiny that I saw your post. I had so much thinking work to do yesterday that my brain was just starved for glucose. Don't think it has learned to use ketones for that yet. I cheated big time, I had a chicken salad sandwitch (home made) and some feta cheese. Needless to say I was able to think clearly and do my work. Felt so darn guilty though that I drank a cleansing tea so clean everything out.

in short: I am in the same boat. I at times feel that I just do not see myself eating this way and all those darn protein packs for 5 more weeks!! but then I think about my weight. Basically going back and forth thinking it is worth it the looking good or not.

I think it is because I feel so yucky about myself with the rolling hills of ireland on my stomach that I think it is worth it, for me and not anyone else.

I am back at it today. I think my body still hase some sugar left it from yeserday so going to do finish my work stuff before it hits me again.

and ofcourse I threw everything out. Except the cookies which I am saving for my parents.

YEAB...its been validated! it took me excatly 24 hours since I had the binge to fall of ketosis. Atleast now I know that my ketosis sticks are good quality. So would it take another 4 to 5 days to get back into it again??? I will just die if that is the case.....
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