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Prep is the key as you agree. (sorry could not help myself)..... I always keep 2 veggie preps in the fridge. One is a raw mix usually of cabbage, grated carrot, cucumber, green onion, and mango (or apple or pineapple) with a mustardy fat free dressing . This can last over a week and be topped with lean protein like chicken chunks, shrimp , tuna, etc. Crushed peanuts and a bit of avocado makes it really good. The point is you can vary the veg and dressing but the KEY is that it is in your fridge ready to pack and go in a little Igloo. The second is a cooked veg soup of some green veg and some orange (carrot, winter squash) and I happen to like shiritaki noodles cuz they give texture but do not absorb more liquid. Lentil soup is also great with tons of chopped greens mixed in. If there is no microwave option the first suggestion of a basically chopped veg salad with protein still works. Good luck busy one!
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