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Originally Posted by FlourishGirl View Post
Hi all:

I'm starting IP today and had my first Pineapple/Banana shake for breakfast. Not bad at all. I'm hoping I am one of the lucky people that don't get any side affects within the first week. I tried Atkins years ago and remember some pretty bad nausea and headaches when I got into ketosis at first.

I'm traveling on Friday evening until Sunday, so I am a little nervous about staying on track. But, I plan to bring my little cooler in the car with what I need. Wish me luck!

I am so happy to have found these forums and others on IP. This plan makes a lot of sense to me, and I'm hoping my body responds well by releasing all this extra fat that I don't need.

BTW, any tips for starting out and getting through the first few weeks are greatly appreciated.
Firstly, Welcome! You'll find some great information around here. I come and read these boards when I'm feeling like snacking - gives the mind and hands something to do!

Believe in the program and follow it exactly. It's easy to follow (not always easy to "do" however) and trust me, it works. For me, it was easiest to stay away from as many social situations as possible. My friends understand and I know from experience that I cannot trust myself not to just have a "bite" or something yummy. But that's me. Maybe you have more will power.

Again, keep your head down and follow the program closely. You'll see results! Good luck.
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