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Default Good Morning from Northern Nevada

I'm new and I'm over 50 so this seems like a good place to post since I think those of us over 50 have distinct weight loss obstacles.

I have been married for 34 years to a guy I met in high school. So we have known each other for a very long time. We are originally from a south Chicago suburb (still miss the food, but I'd probably weigh 400 pounds if we still lived there). We moved to Nevada the same year we got married. We have two grown unmarried sons and no grandchildren yet. I love dogs but the last two we had died very young and I'm not prepared to risk my heart again (plus I have a new job that makes it difficult to adopt a puppy because I'm away from the house too long). I love to garden, but I live in a valley near Lake Tahoe so our growing season is extremely limited--great for a lazy gardener. We live near a river so there are all kinds of critters to watch along with some feral peacocks that seem to thrive here. I am a tv addict; love old movies, most romantic comedies (even Lifetime and Hallmark as cheesey as they are). My guilty pleasures are real crime and crime drama--Bones, NCIS, The Closer, Criminal Minds, also liked Without a Trace and Crossing Jordan. I also am a big Disneyland fan and I wish I lived closer.

I'm 5'7" and currently weigh 217 so I'm in the obese category. This is the highest I've ever weighed. I want to get to 150, but I don't have a time frame. 10 years ago I weighed 180 and got down to 147 using low carb and exercising a lot. I swore I never would get that big again. and here I am weighing even more after the big M. I am trying to do it by eating healthier; protein shakes for breakfast, lots of fruits, vegetables and good protein. I had a staph infection in my face from a root canal gone bad so it delayed my exercise program. Don't have time for a gym, but my goal is to exercise weight train including gardening for an hour every day. I love to walk and use my cheap rebounder. I also plan on using my healthrider when I can't walk. I also have a torso track, ab rocket, jackie chan resistance thingy, and a power trainer & free weights for my muscles. My bigger belly seems to be the biggest obstacle to fitting into my size 12s.

My hopes are that I can forgive the people that treated me shabbily at my last job--I need to start healing. My new manager at least has given me a renewed feeling of self-worth by fighting to keep me despite the dismal job situation our state faces. I want to lose weight the right way. I want to fit into some of my shorts before my next vacation in June. And I want to look good in a nice dress for my wonderful nephew's wedding in August. I also like the feeling when I get up in the morning when I am taking proper care of myself.

Thanks everyone!


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