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While my DH is most supportive he does not understand and thinks he knows best what to do about it. Since I have lost 84 lbs he doesn't even bother me about it anymore other than to cheer me on. The point of this is don't expect him to understand or try and get him to see your point of view. Let your success do the talking for you and he will become your cheerleader. Don't give yourself the permission to fail. Don't fall victim to the excuses we all give ourselves ...that's how we got here in the first place. Get OP and fight you to keep it. Make OP your sacred place apart from whatever else in life comes your way. Keep your eyes on your goals and as you win and achieve he will begin to listen. All he is hearing is excuses for why you are not doing what "he thinks" you need to do. Find a plan that works well for you and know you have tons of support here with people who know just what you are dealing with. Take your support from where it awaits Later he will come around and brag on you. Honest. Been there , done that!!! You can do it!!! You really can.
Don't look for ways to make yourself crazy. Show him you know well what to do and do it. Make that choise, Set it in stone and go for it! We are all here for you.
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