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I use a lot of frozen vegetables. They're less expensive, there's less waste and there's nearly the same nutrition as fresh. I steam mine and they're ready quickly and taste great. I get my store brand and I'm just as happy with them as with the name brands. Our WalMart sells huge bags of Birdseye Blends and we LOVE those. My favorite is the Normandy blend but we've liked everyone we've tried and the price is excellent.

I buy most of my fresh vegetables according to what's in season or on special. I live in rural New England and the farmers markets don't sell fresh produce during the winter/early spring so I'm stuck with grocery store prices. I have found that since I'm spending less money on things like soda and chips and prepackaged things I can afford to spend a little more on fruits and vegetables than I used to and still end up with a reasonable grocery bill.

My big splurge is red peppers. No matter what they cost I buy at least one big, meaty one every week because I love them with my hummus.
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