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Originally Posted by calluna View Post
I invested in a comfortable gel seat, too. When I first bought my bike it had a very skinny, male-type seat on it and I thought I was going to die. I'm glad that you're biking! Where do you go?
I've not been able to ride long enough to really "go" anywhere, I just rambled around our neighborhood. We lived in a neighborhood with very little traffic, and there was a park about five blocks away, so I'd ride to the park, ride around the park, and then ride home (about 30 minutes tops).

I did not bicycle regularly, especially since hubby became unable to bicycle anymore (at least until we can afford to get him a recumbant bike or an adult trike) and I was a bit afraid to ride myself. There really wasn't anywhere to go either (except the small park, kind of boring on my own). Where we are now, I'll be able to actually go somewhere with a practical destination in mind.

I'm really, really excited to be in the apartment we're in now (we moved in October), as it's much more practical for bike riding. I'm actually going to be able to use the bike for practical transportation as we're only a few blocks from a good-sized grocery store, a small oriental grocery, several strip malls, shops, restaurants (and an ice cream shop, which I'll try to pretend doesn't exist - it's only about a block from the apartment), and one of the farmer's markets too (I may have to actually get a basket for the bike).

What's nicest is that there's really only one very busy street, but except for crossing it I won't have to ride on it. I think I'll even be able to get to Target by taking back streets. I'm not much of a Target shopper, but the goal isn't so much the destination, but being able to get there.

Today we also picked up a handheld gps for geocaching, I'm REALLY excited about that. There are a couple of nearby parks, so there might even be some caches within biking distance. The last time we were geocaching, I had a hard time keeping up with hubby, now it's reversed and hubby wears out before I do (except for very short walks, because he still has much longer legs than I do, so his stride is much longer).

I'm really excited about being much more active this summer.
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