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I started at 2200 or so, and then cut back gradually. At one point, I was down to 1300, but I drifted back up to 1500 and found I lost the exact same amount, so I've stayed here for months (since around Christmas, I think).

One huge advantage to starting high is that it gives you time to get used to this major lifestyle change--the planning, the cooking, the weighing and measuring, the record keeping, the exercise, and most importantly, all the new foods--trying new foods and recipes. This is a huge overhaul--it's like moving, or getting married, or starting a new job in an entirely new field. It takes creativity, enthusiasm, and time. It's much, much better to go through all of that without facing Demon Hunger, not to mention all the panicky emotional stuff that a lot of overweight people have associated with Demon Hunger.

2200 calories/day to start gave me several weeks to learn about my new life: what foods kept me full, and what left me hungry, what foods I liked, and what I didn't, how to handle myself when eating out, and how to handle myself with my friends and family. It let "recording calories" become an iron clad habit. I am SO GLAD I took the time to do those things before I started worrying about the size of my deficit. It was probably my single best decision on this trip.
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